With Wapka.mobi you can create own professional looks WAP site simply and fast without knowledge of any programming language (PHP,WML,XHTML,...). All WAP site you can edit right from your phone, but also from WEB site www.wapka.mobi
Address of your WAP site will be:
What could you use for creating of your WAP site?:
- inserting of links on other WAP sites
- in links use your own pictures
- load pictures right from your phone and also from PC. Picture from phone will be automatically resized, so you can load just photographed pictures from your phone on your WAP site, without need to resize picture in PC
- create graphic pictures right in your phone
- insert counter on site
- insert forum or chat on site
- insert surveys
- display the amount of on-line users on your WAP site
- insert search field
- insert WML code (for users which know programme in WML)
- insert autocontent (Set up top and bottom content, which will be automatically inserted on every page. This way you can simlpy make e.g. logo of your page, which will be automatically inserted on every page)
- settings of automatic redirection
- hot key/fast choice (every link on page can be assigned to one button on phone. Navigation on page is much more faster.)
- every item can have own background colour or colour of the text. If you know CSS, you can edit every item by your fantasy
- with function users you can manage own group of users, which will have access to protected sites, links, chats or forums.
- on site you can insert exchange advertisement from system wbanners.sk or paid advertisement of company admob.com, so you can also earn some money with your WAP site :)
- you can use many commands and pseudotags, which allow you to use some dynamically functions. E.g.: displaying of date and time, displaying of state on forum or chat,....

Using services on Wapka.mobi is absolute free and unlimited, so register just right now :)